We manage 13 hectares on different layers and soils. Our rifts on loess, primary rock or mussel weathering stone make terroir coined unique wines with identity arise. The Pannonian transitional climate characterizes the Poysdorfer wines. Close to nature, due diligence and the rigor of our work have produced wines of excellent quality every year.

Our vineyards are situated around the winery, within a radius of approximately three kilometers. There is a multitude of different types of soil allowing us to find just the right spot for every grape variety we grow. Top wines are grown! – not made.

If you want to produce high quality wines you have to ensure this quality from the very beginning, namely the vineyard itself. There can be no doubt that ripe and healthy grapes are the basis of excellent wines. Many different work processes are necessary to guarantee and further this quality, most of them still manual. They include tasks like pruning, foliage treatment and thinning out. Each vintage and grape variety requires selective treatments with different levels of intensity. And, finally, the harvest – and especially the moment of harvest – are of the utmost importance for a successful outcome. Our grapes are hand-picked and directly selected from the vines. By doing this we can make sure that only the best grapes are taken to the cellar for further processing.

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