The Weingut Heger is  known for its distillates – a passion by Heinz Heger. Through his love of schnapps, a unique nostalgic distillery trail and museum was built in countless hours of work.  He has devoted himself, heart and soul, leaving nothing to chance: only the finest, cleanest and ripest fruit makes its way into his still. We add no other substances − no sugar, flavours or colouring − and we still use copper vessels for the traditional double distillation process.

Fully ripened fruit needs to be processed as quickly as possible to produce a high-quality distillate. Once it has been washed and sorted, the fruit is crushed, before the stems, seeds and pits are removed. In the next step the crushed fruit is put into big stainless-steel tanks for fermentation at between 17° and 19°C. In one to two weeks the natural fruit sugar will have fermented to produce alcohol. Once this process is complete, the mash is distilled in copper vessels to produce fine spirits.